Perfectionism and the Art of being “good enough”

Hey everyone! Hope you have all had a good week, and even if it has been a tough few days, I hope you’re able to look into the details of each day and celebrate some successes, big or small.

Today, I want to talk about Perfectionism. Perfectionism is an umbrella term that can be used to express a desire to over-achieve and to be perceived as perfect by other people or to make oneself feel satisfied. Perfectionism affects people in different ways, some of which are include results to organisation to Healthy Living. I just want to highlight the difference between being an over-achiever and a high-achiever. A high-achiever is someone who likes to keep building on him/herself in hope to improve as a person and in their career. Whereas, an over-achiever is someone who tries to do more and more and no level of achievement suffices their need to achieve.

Society has a huge huge focus on being ‘Perfect’. We are constantly being shown in the media one type of body image and fat-shaming, which really affects how we feel about ourselves and our confidence. There is often that desire to push ourselves too much and to try and do everything and anything we can to present ourselves as these ‘perfect beings’.

Just dipping into my own experiences here, I have experienced a lot of issues with Perfectionism. I often find myself pushing myself to be that perfect person, who is everything to everyone. This endless vicious cycle has caused a lot of my anxiety and lows. However, once I was able to realise that I don’t need to be a perfect person, I just need to be good enough, it was such a pivotal point for me.

Saying that, it wasn’t easy to get to that point and It’s something I still struggle with it now. It’s more of the fact that I am able to recognise that I am a great human being like everyone else, with imperfections, but also a load of great qualities too. And when you’re able to recognise that, it is actually quite life-changing. I totally respect that this is a process that involves a lot of work, but being able to realize that, that inner strength inside yourself is powerful and able to fight through the challenges you experience then that in itself, is the very first step.

This lil quote type thing (below) is literally my favourite thing! Let me know if it helps you, feel free to drop me a few of your favourite motivational quotes in the comments box!


My main point of today’s blog is just to tell you that you have strength, each and every one of you. Even if you don’t believe it, just say this to yourself now. I am strong. I am capable. I will get through this. Surround yourself with that positivity, with that love and remind yourself every single day, why you are so great. Because, we were all put on this earth for a purpose and we are all a unique gift to this world, even if you don’t feel like it now.

Stay true, Stay you!!

Lots and Lots of love,

Lou xox


To Share or not to Share, that is the question?

Hey, world!! Hope you are all doing well. I am back to the WordPress sphere, talking about the Power of Sharing, in relation to Mental Health. In today’s world, mental health is being discussed way more. People are sharing their experiences more than ever before, which is incredible. I have the upmost respect for those that share their experience, be it to one person, a few people or even on social media.

My decision to share my mental health issues over Facebook was a huge one. I had always shared little snippets over Facebook, but I had never fully shared my experience with anyone but close friends and family. I really had no clue which way it would go. Just over a year ago now, I shared my first experience with mental health on Facebook and it wasn’t easy. But, I had some of the nicest responses ever from friends and people I hadn’t spoken to in years, talking about their experiences to me. It was a phenomenal turning point for me.

And now, a year or so later, I have recently created this blog, sharing a few more snippets into my life and my mental health experiences. The most challenging experience for me, was deciding to share my mental health breakdown in January, definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I was so worried to share these experiences, fearing all sorts of judgement, when I only had positive reactions and kind comments from friends and family members.

Saying this, I have had a few people ask me why I share such personal things in my life and to be honest, I am not the most British person in a sense by expressing my emotions, thoughts and experiences. If that wasn’t clear from the beginning, haha. I just wanted to share this experience to encourage people to do the same. It really helps people who are currently struggling with a similar thing to hear from these people. Sharing your struggles shows people they can get through what they are struggling with and that these things aren’t permanent. It also shows that we are all human and that we all experience difficulties. It’s often easy to forget this, as we are all scrolling through social media, seeing pictures of everyone having these ‘perfect summers’ and thinking that our lives aren’t as exciting as theirs.

I am just such a strong believer that openness allows other people to feel comfortable sharing their troubles and that way we feel better knowing you aren’t alone, which is easy to feel.

**Obviously openness, isn’t for everyone and if you don’t feel comfortable sharing, please dont feel like you need to. I have just found in my experience, that it has helped significantly**

Lots of love,

Lou xx