If she’s too drunk to say no, don’t take that as a YES?!

Hey world!

This is really different from my usual posts about mental health and mental health awareness. But today, I just wanted to speak about something that has really been on my mind for a couple of weeks now. Recently, I was travelling with my cousin and we spontaneously bumped into this bar crawl full of students and Young Professionals. By the time we met them, everyone had had quite a few to drink. We were having a lovely time and had met these two girls, one of which was pretty drunk but once we had reached the last bar she was so drunk, she could hardly walk.

When we were at this last bar, this one guy was all over this girl. He was dancing with her, he took her phone and put his number in it, he tried to get her to come home with him. Okay, millennials reading this, you might think: this is pretty normal for our generation, no? But what you’re not seeing is that this girl was so drunk, she could hardly understand what was going on. She would have given her phone to anyone, she would have danced with anyone, she could have gone home with anyone.

I noticed this and I thought this was the time to take her to her hostel and away from this guy. I felt really angry that this guy was all over this girl who clearly wasn’t sober enough to make a conscious decision. So, my cousin and I took this girl back to her hostel. Then this guy grabs me by the shoulders and he says: ” You are the biggest C***BLOCKER ever!” I said to him rather calmly: “She is clearly too drunk to function, let alone consent. So maybe take that into consideration before you try and take advantage of this poor woman.”

This instance just made me really upset, the fact that that the poor woman in this scenario said she wasn’t even interested once we got away from the club. When a girl is too drunk, she may not be able to consent at all. Being unable to consent does not mean she consents. From everything we are reading on the news about sexual harassment and rape, it pains me to think what could have happened to this girl.  😦





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