But seriously, I’m fine…

Hey world,

There’s something I’ve been wanting to talk about for a while and something that I’ve been trying to get my head around for a long time. Whether you have a mental health issue of your own, whether you suffer from stress on a regular basis, whether you have random bouts of poor mental health, this affects us all. It’s the phrase we all so frequently use, and that’s I’m fine”. It’s a phrase, so simply overlooked that it works as a mask for those suffering inside. It’s the perpetuating fear and anxiety that to show any sign of weakness or negative emotion.

Sangu Delle gives this brilliant talk about our fear to share our emotions. He brilliant targets this taboo with these words: “Being honest about how we feel doesn’t make us weak; it makes us human.”

You may be thinking, but Lou, being honest about my mental health just isn’t that simple? And I’ll agree with you 100% on this. Coming out about your mental health issues is just as hard as coming out about your own sexuality. The fear of judgement, the numerous questions from different friends and family members, the concerns whether you’ll be treated differently by being open about your struggles.

And I get it, the fear alone, is enough to stop you from talking about it. But linking back on what Sangu said in his talk, emotions are all part of us being human. And so, if we feel particularly anxious one day, or particularly lost one day, or down, that’s okay.

It’s okay to be struggling, but consider this prospect:- What if when you were having a down day or feeling anxious, you wouldn’t worry about telling your friends and family rather they could be there to support you instead? What if that first conversation could open up a wide community of support and acceptance?

I know this seems like an ideal situation, but having the basic conversations and talking about can be truly gratifying and really continue our discussions on mental health and fighting the stigma and moreover, helping you feel better!

To conclude, I will challenge you with one question, will you be the one who confronts this “I’m fine” construct and shares your true emotions? More on this to come in future blogs!!

Lots of Love and Take care,


P.s- If you feel you are ready to start speaking about your mental health check out this blogpost I wrote, about my story and how you can start to share yours. If you’re not ready to share yet, that is okay too!


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